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Expeditions: Viking Gameplay Demonstration at xBeau Gaming

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Expeditions: Viking Gameplay Demonstration at xBeau Gaming

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Sat 19 March 2016, 23:35:51

Tags: Alex Mintsioulis; Expeditions: Viking; Jonas Wæver; Logic Artists

As you may know from their recent newsletter, the Logic Artists crew were at GDC this week to promote Expeditions: Viking. While in San Francisco, they met up with a YouTuber who calls himself xBeau and gave him a half hour gameplay demonstration, including character creation, dialogue, combat and choice & consequence. The game is definitely a fully fledged RPG now. Check it out:

The game is looking really good. They're planning to do an open beta in May - definitely something to look forward to later this year. For more information, or if you can't be bothered to watch a video, you may also want to check out this preview over at Game Informer.

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