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Brian Fargo Interview on IGN Unfiltered

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Brian Fargo Interview on IGN Unfiltered

Interview - posted by Infinitron on Wed 28 June 2017, 22:14:52

Tags: Brian Fargo; Interplay; inXile Entertainment

This month's guest on IGN Unfiltered, IGN's long-form interview show, was inXile CEO Brian Fargo. Since interviewing Feargus Urquhart earlier this year, the show has switched to an episodic format, and so the interview with Brian was split into three episodes - the first one covering his early career before Interplay, the second covering the Interplay years, and the third covering the inXile and Kickstarter era. The second episode is the longest and by far the most interesting, so I'll post it here:

The interview isn't anywhere near as full of tidbits and secrets as Feargus' was, but it does go into a level of detail about Brian's business relationships that I don't think I've seen before. The interviewer is clearly quite familiar with Interplay's 1990s heyday, taking the time to ask questions not just about the usual Black Isle classics but also about titles such as ClayFighter and Mario Teaches Typing(!). Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to know much at all about Brian's more recent work, asking only the most cursory of questions about it, so the interview is really only useful for history buffs. Not what you'd expect from IGN!

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