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DEMIURGOS, an alternate history RPG-adventure set in a modern Ancient Greece, now on Kickstarter

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DEMIURGOS, an alternate history RPG-adventure set in a modern Ancient Greece, now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 10 July 2017, 23:42:38

Tags: DEMIURGOS: Path of the Leviathan

The eagle-eyed CryptRat first spotted DEMIURGOS: Path of the Leviathan on Steam Greenlight back in May. It's an "RPG-adventure" set in an alternate history in which the cultures of the ancient Greek world exist in a noirish mid-20th century industrial dystopia. It's a world riven by philosophical and social conflicts. To be honest, there's no other way to describe this game but "pretentious". It makes No Truce With The Furies look like casual fare. But it's not all talk. DEMIURGOS' creator, a German (because of course he is) known only as Daniel Bill, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for it, and instead of a pitch video he's delivered a 21 minute(!) alpha gameplay demonstration. It reveals a remarkably impressive-looking game, focused mainly on dialogue and choice, although unlike No Truce it does have a turn-based combat system.

DEMIURGOS: Path of the Leviathan is a semi-historical, story and decision driven, dislinear game about Social Science, Politics and Philosophy that is set in a gradually opening, detailed and large world. The player roams this world and interacts with his environment like in an adventure game. At the same time, a large variety of RPG-Elements and -Mechanics like skills, quests, shops and turn based battles are implemented. The game's universe itself is a composite of the political ancient Greece during the Persian wars and the European "long 19. Century"; a time of political and social disturbances. After the downfall of the feudal system, great persons tried to build a completely new order upon its ruins that was to be ruled not by god or tradition, but by the ingenuity of mankind itself. Dominating questions and tendencies of that time ranged from Collectivism and Individualism on one side, Pluralism and Totalitarianism on the other. To take his place in history, make important decisions, struggle for the true order and change the world in its foundations: these are the tasks the player is destined to tackle in the course of the game.

  • Experience a gripping action thriller with 9 varying and 3 distinctly different endings.
  • Nearly every action influences the course of history – often considerably and sometimes substantially.
  • You are no nameless hero.
  • You are Achos Polikron – first commissioner of messenai –known to the Politeia for his zealous fervor and great virtue.
  • As a powerful individual you step into an unstable world and it is your destiny to fight for true order on this planet.
Turn-Based Battle System
  • Fight for your cause, using a turn-based battle system that is easy to learn but tough to master.
  • Actions available to you during battle are influenced and determined by your equipment, your surroundings and your prior decisions.
  • Vaporize your enemy using Teslas lightning cannon, seek a dialogue with your ideological adversary or frighten him with your reputation based on past achievements.
Alchemy & Crafting
  • Use the powers of alchemy for your purposes. Prepare potions, explosives or ointments that are essential for your physical and psychological condition.
  • Combat the results of mental maladies with the means of modern medicine; for depressions and anxieties can haunt even the emotionally strong - if entangled in constant fighting and suffering.
  • The odds in combat can be increased by improving your armory.
  • Construct new weapons or modify the ones already available to you.
This game is really something. I almost can't believe it exists. The Kickstarter is seeking only €8,000, and you can get yourself a copy for just €10, but barely anybody has pledged. I really hope more websites pick up on this. If the campaign does succeed, DEMIURGOS is scheduled to come out on February 2019.

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Blackthorne needs a kidney

TARGET: $5,000 USD

RAISED: $5,300.74 USD (106%)

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