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Underworld Ascendant Pre-Alpha Released

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Underworld Ascendant Pre-Alpha Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 10 August 2017, 23:24:55

Tags: OtherSide Entertainment; Underworld Ascendant

As promised last week, OtherSide released the Underworld Ascendant pre-alpha to eligible backers today. Turns out it's not just for backers at the $75 tier but also for anybody who may have paid just $5 for the prototype back in 2015, which is pretty cool. As for the pre-alpha itself, its physics are a bit wonky and the textures look half-baked, but it's finally a real game, not just a tech demo with skeletons. Our resident Underworld watcher Nekot-The-Brave had some fun with it. Watch him run around killing Lizardmen and smashing crates while listening to the ominous intonations of Stephen Russell:

Here are some partial release notes:

The Pre-Alpha Build is meant to highlight:
  • The game’s visual bar and core tenets of combat, stealth, and magic.
  • The world as an interactive toybox full of interesting opportunities for the player to experiment with and areas that provide unique opportunities and challenges.
  • Interactive elements that the player can combine with skills, spells, and each other, such as:
    • Physics-based traps that can be manipulated and exploited.
    • Spreading fire that can be weaponized.
    • Caches of useful items.
    • “Glue bulbs” that can stick to objects.
  • An initial implementation of rewarding the player for creativity.
The Pre-Alpha Build is not representative of the final product.
  • The implementation of skills, combat, stealth, and spells is all still preliminary work. We will be refining and honing how they work, adding functionality, and polishing usability.
  • You may encounter bugs and it lacks the full range of weapons, skills, magic, and meta elements such as quest selection and player growth.
  • Check the build notes for further details.
What next for Underworld Ascendant? Hopefully it won't take another two years for it to reach alpha.

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