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Larian Studios RPG Survey - The Results

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Larian Studios RPG Survey - The Results

Community - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Wed 16 August 2017, 13:47:14

Tags: Larian Studios

Some time ago the denizens of fair Codexia partook in Larian Studio's RPG survey. Well, the results are now public.

You can see the entire statistics here.

Taking a look at these graphs I can't help but notice that the bigots at Larian embezzled the newly invented and, by the tolerant community here on RPG Codex, promptly promoted gender "attack helicopter".
This kind of fascist misgenderism really has no place in 2017. Furthermore they also left out the RPG Codex as its own category in the "Where do you get your news from" section, a pity, because we'd probably emerged first place there.
Other than that it seems that isometric, turn-based storyfaggotry won - if I'm interpreting the graphs correctly.

Thanks to jerf again.

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