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Odd Gods, a 90s-themed adventure through spacetime with simultaneous turn-based combat

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Odd Gods, a 90s-themed adventure through spacetime with simultaneous turn-based combat

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 3 November 2017, 23:03:11

Tags: Inn Between Worlds; Odd Gods

Back in June, Codex news hunter LESS T_T spotted a reference to an upcoming RPG called Odd Gods whose development was being funded by the government of the Australian state of Victoria. It's a "tactical time travel role-playing game" by an indie studio called Inn Between Worlds and headed by one Gil Maclean, who was one of the writers on the excellent Ultima V: Lazarus mod back in the day. We pretty much forgot about it after that, right until today when I discovered that Gil Maclean was none other than the Codex's own Grumpy Grognard. Gil was at PAX Australia this past weekend with a pre-alpha demo build of Odd Gods - the first time the game has been properly revealed, it seems. It's wonderfully weird, so it's probably best if I just post the description from the official website here, along with a couple of screenshots:

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Odd Gods is a 90s-style RPG about the 1990s. An isometric tactical role playing game about subcultures, music, spacetime travel, and facing your pop culture demons.

Odd Gods is an indie cRPG in early development from Inn Between Worlds, a new studio formed by industry vets in Melbourne, Australia.


There is no chosen one. A grungy, low fantasy story set at the end of the 1990s.

Classic 'isometric' camera on 3D characters and scenes.

Colourful, 'low budget B-Movie' Art style

Subculture class system based on 1990s archetypes (Skateboarders, Goths, Ravers, Jocks, Nerds etc).

Music Genre 'alignment' system (Mainstream, Alternative, Underground).

Party-based turn-based combat system ('Same Phase' system with no RNG, no % to hit, just tactics).

Narrative features branching paths and multiple endings.

Hand-crafted exploration, narrative and combat content. No level-scaling, no procedural generation, no random encounters.

Original subculture soundtrack recorded with period instruments (where possible).

90s-era difficulty. Odd Gods is not a game for the faint of heart, but the system is 'fair'. Friendly fire is on by default. No bullet sponges. Permadeath, mostly.

Take modern weapons back to older eras (Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern) and vice-versa, but keep an eye on your ammo count and penicillin, for example.

.... No elves, no magic swords, orcs, or any of that guff.

Estimated length: 12hrs including side content:
(a) we're a small indie studio and don't have the capacity for more
(b) we actually want players to finish the game.

Coming soon to PC
As Ted "Theodore" Logan might say, whoa. There's no official gameplay video of Odd Gods yet, but somebody at PAX did upload a recording to Twitter. Additional screenshots are available on the website, and there's also an in-depth preview at Australian website Finder. Will this be the RPG that finally implements Frozen Synapse-style combat? We'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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