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Beamdog might be working on a new Planescape game

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Beamdog might be working on a new Planescape game

Company News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 13 November 2017, 11:37:30

Tags: Beamdog; Phillip Daigle; Planescape: Unraveled; Trent Oster

Last June, we reported that Beamdog were hiring people to develop a new Dungeons & Dragons RPG. It was unclear what this project was about or if it ever even got off the ground, but it was widely assumed that it would be a Forgotten Realms game. That assumption may have been mistaken. In recent months, bits and pieces of information have begun to leak out about what Beamdog might be working on. An concept art portfolio here, a local news report there. What little they showed didn't look like a typical fantasy RPG at all. Finally, yesterday Buck at GameBanshee spotted a twenty minute documentary video about Beamdog that was published on YouTube two weeks ago, part of a series about Alberta-based videogame developers produced by Avatar Media. It contains compelling evidence that Beamdog are working on a new Planescape RPG, possibly called Planescape: Unraveled, an obvious reference to the character from Torment. See for yourself:

Here's a closer look at the relevant bit, at 2:37.

The Fated, AKA the Takers, are of course one of Planescape's famous factions, a society of Nietzschean Social Darwinists who serve as the tax collectors of Sigil. As LESS T_T pointed out, the portfolio linked above includes concept art of townsfolk known as Golden Lords, which is another hint that the game Beamdog are working on will take place in Sigil's posher districts. Could this be a Lady's Ward expansion for Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition? Or is it an entirely new game, perhaps turn-based as the image from the news report suggests? In any case, I suppose this might be what David Gaider has been working on all this time. If it's real, it won't be a surprise if Chris Avellone is involved as well.

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