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Demons Age has apparently been released

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Demons Age has apparently been released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 8 December 2017, 02:11:06

Tags: Bigmoon Entertainment; Demons Age

The last time we posted about Demons Age, Bigmoon Entertainment's strange repurposing of the long-lost Chaos Chronicles, we had just learned that the game was scheduled to come out on June 30th. To the surprise of few, that date went by and no game materialized, with no explanation from Bigmoon even though one of their developers had been posting in our forums only days earlier. The game was delayed to July, and then to September, and then it completely fell off our radar. Until last week, when a Steam page for it suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The page announced that Demons Age was going to be released on December 8th - so naturally it was released today, a day earlier. Have I mentioned that they're still using the trailer that announced it going to be out in June? God this is so weird. Here's the game's description:

DEMONS AGE is a brand new title that brings together the characteristics of a classic turn-based roleplaying game with modern graphics and a gripping atmosphere.

Players will dive into the world of Moragon, which is being overrun by Demons after a period of relative quiet. It is up to them to travel the land and discover the relation between the Demon uprising and a mysterious sect that is trying to reawaken the mythical Lord of Darkness, Vazuhr.

Select one of 16 convicts from different races and classes, and experience a thrilling adventure in which you must hire like-minded adventurers to form a party, explore mysterious ruins and fight against ancient evil forces, in a classic turn-based combat style.
Discover or buy new and better equipment to prepare yourself and your party to battle the arduous combats that you will face in the dangerous land of Moragon.

But beware. Danger may be closer than you think since one wrong decision while choosing a fellow adventurer may turn allies into enemies.
There are already several gameplay videos of Demons Age available on YouTube. As the above description suggests, the game has not received the proper character creation that some of our users had asked for, despite the extra time afforded by its postponement. In fact, it's unclear whether it's changed at all over the past year. No doubt there's an amusing development story here that will probably never be told, much like with the already forgotten Empyre: Lords of the Sea Gates. Thus ends the bizarre saga of Chaos Chronicles, not with a bang but with a "WTF?".

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