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Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter Update #40: End of Year Status Update

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Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter Update #40: End of Year Status Update

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 23 December 2017, 00:37:18

Tags: Chris Keenan; David Rogers; Greg Underwood; inXile Entertainment; Paul Marzagalli; The Bard's Tale IV: Barrows Deep

Bard's Tale IV also got an end-of-year Kickstarter update today. It's a kind of variety pack from different members of the development team. It starts with a production status update from inXile VP Chris Keenan, who reports that the game is now feature-complete, and apparently also content-complete enough that inXile have begun working on backer content. Lead Systems Designer-turned-Creative Director David Rogers informs us that the winner of the class archetype survey from the previous update is unsurprisingly the Bard archetype, to be described in the next update. And Senior Programmer Greg Underwood announces his intention to tell us about his implementation of the iconic Magic Mouths, also in the next update. I'll post an excerpt, but first a couple of new screenshots:

Season's Greetings, citizens of Caith! Chris Keenan, VP of Development, here to provide a status update on the production of The Bard’s Tale IV.

As you have seen in our previous updates featuring puzzle weapons, grid based movement, classes, etc., the Bard's Tale is hitting and passing a major critical milestone of all features and sub-features being completed and implemented into the game. Most of the elements of the game are built and where they need to be.

Now we are at the fun part of getting a feel for the game in its entirety, and most importantly in 2018 we are upping our QA efforts to minimize all blocker bugs, hangs, and crashes. We are proud to say that we wanted to get all community backer content into the game as soon as possible, and have been aggressively tackling everything from backer items, to item descriptions, to modeling our barfly heads! This also includes our stretch goal promises, and we continue to deliver those items as production rolls along. Furthermore, to our other backer promises, key team members are now focused designing our physical goods. Paul Marzagalli has done excellent job of collecting everyone’s information and bridging the gap of backers’ requests with our production team.

I am very excited about these upcoming months. This is the best part of game development: furthering the “fun factor." We have all our puzzle systems in, we're polishing the core combat loop, we've turned a corner, and now we're just playing the game and making it more fun. Lastly, with this year-end update, the team wanted to provide some new "stocking stuffers", give a look ahead to what you can expect for both backer updates and the game itself, and to get all of you as excited about 2018 as we are!

The Voters Have Spoken! Our Archetype Winner Is....

Hello backers, David back again to announce the winner of our Pick An Archetype contest. The winner was both surprising and yet totally expected: The Bard!

The Bard is perhaps the most versatile archetype in the game. The Bard has access to most of the melee weapon types, can access light or medium armor allowing them to gear towards strength or constitution builds, and the Bard’s magical boozes grant some on-the-fly versatility.

Within this archetype you can specialize into the following classes: the enemy-controlling Troubadour, the damage-bolstering Rabble Rouser, the aura-generating War Chanter, the resource-enhancing Minstrel, the nimble and lethal Jester, and the magical booze-concocting Brew Master.

In our next update, we’ll discuss not one but two of the Bard’s classes: the Rabble Rouser and Brew Master. We’ll explore the cool abilities and passives they provide and show you some examples of each in action.
In a podcast interview earlier this month, Brian Fargo announced that a major Bard's Tale IV gameplay trailer would be published in January, and the update confirms that. inXile have also launched another survey to determine which class archetype (Fighter, Practitioner or Rogue) to showcase after the Bard. It looks like things will be revving up next year.

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