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Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #18: An Early Look At The Alpha

Copper Dreams Kickstarter Update #18: An Early Look At The Alpha

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Thu 5 April 2018, 01:23:09

Tags: Mechajammer; Whalenought Studios

Last we heard, the Copper Dreams alpha was supposed to have come out in February. Turns out it's delayed because Joe and Hannah have been busy flipping real estate outside Seattle to raise more money for development. So they reveal in today's Kickstarter update, which unlike previous updates is primarily in video format. The video gives us what is probably our longest look at Copper Dreams' gameplay yet. By playing through a couple of basic combat scenarios, Joe and Hannah demonstrate some of the recent changes that have been made to the game, such as switching from square to hex-based tiles, a streamlined user interface and improved visual indicators. The gameplay part of the video starts at around 7:20, but if you'd rather not watch, the update does include a brief summary:

Just a few micro-issues remaining. No, we're just finishing on some last AI functionality before sending it off to you to make sure the different challenge modes are adequate to test. Since the last update we had a slew of life and Copper Dreams upgrades, so we'll get into that in this update. First, for all of the alpha backers who received keys, that depot on Steam will update with the alpha so stay tuned for when that's live, we'll post another update when it is though. I think we talked to everyone who had problems with that, but if you are an alpha backer and didn't get the email let us know and we will sort that out for you! That will roll out on OSX, Windows and Linux.

If you hate videos here's a recap:
  • Hannah and Joe sold a house and moved to get cash money for development and get back to Seattle, so there was a small delay.
  • Alpha is a solid vertical slice of systems in game, featuring a mid-level operative infiltrating a warehouse of insurgents as various enemy types. Also includes a custom enemy agent. Various challenge and game modes included to unlock with your feedback. Incentives!
  • Changed from square tiles to hexagons.
  • Our volumetric line-of sight system, which has unseen tiles that are painted black in-world, now includes sensory visuals like the sound you emit and enemy vision cones.
  • Line of sight system also now has custom lighting integrated into it — easier visual for what lights are influencing tiles and gives us complete control with what to do with it to influence tiles. Spotlights, flares, tiles on fire, or even the muzzle flash from firing a gun now have clear indication of what tiles they are lighting up.
  • Character direction ruleset info implemented for hexes, player can rotate without tick cost for turn. For example shields (or carrying dead bodies in front of you) block attacks from one direction.
  • Game feed replaced with more cryptic DM-descriptive health readouts for combatants. Detailed roll information replaced with on-hover details while targeting tiles/characters. Game feed was too heavy before with too much happening, as rolls for aiming were not immediately followed up with a resolution, so things would be out of order. It's also visually and descriptively obvious how a combatant is doing. Also their faces make increasingly ouchy expressions depending on how poorly they are doing.
  • Movable and stackable boxes for cover, climbing and puzzles. It's the best thing since sliced bread.

As for the alpha, there's no new release date yet, but it sounds like it shouldn't be far off. Now that they're set up at their new location and the game is finally taking shape, Joe and Hannah are promising more updates soon.

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