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Avernum 3 makes Just RPG all warm inside

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Avernum 3 makes Just RPG all warm inside

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 13 April 2003, 00:25:28

Tags: Avernum 3

Just RPG has posted their review of Avernum 3, giving it a lofty 88%. While they do mention the graphics might not be for everyone, which is certainly true that parrots won't be drawn to the shiny object less title, they do state that the game is superb.

Of course, this might mean something if they'd actually give a bad review every now and then, but I digress. Here's a clip:

Which brings me to the next point. Often, an 'ever-changing world' may be advertised, but the only thing that changes is the people's respect for you, or the difficulty, or something that happens after a key event, like beating a boss. Not in this game. The world is changing, the towns are constantly under attack, the creatures are growing in number. Here's an example: I grab a job from the dispatcher in a town, a simple task to deliver some mail. Off I go, to find this little backwater town. I realize that I have no idea where it is, and I decide to return to the dispatcher to get directions. As I return and enter the town, I hear the sounds of the guard battling acid-filled slimes. I rush to help, but as I get there, the battle is already over, and where the dispatcher's office was, there is only shriveled slime residue and dissolved walls. The slimes had attacked while I was away. This is truly something hard to come by in games today. Open-endedness is also a big thing in this game. Think 'Morrowind' open-endedness. Yes, it's that good.​

I have to agree, this was the coolest feature of the game in my opinion.

Spotted this at Blue's News

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