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Pillars of Eternity II Fig Update #49: Patch 1.1

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Pillars of Eternity II Fig Update #49: Patch 1.1

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 8 June 2018, 01:16:20

Tags: Josh Sawyer; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

As promised in their previous Fig update, Obsidian have released the first major patch for Pillars of Eternity II, which addresses the problem of the game's lack of difficulty on higher difficulty settings. In addition to buffing up many of its combat encounters, the patch introduces a boatload of nerfs to abilities and items. That's right, Pillars II is now officially Sawyerized - and patch testers have confirmed that the increase in difficulty is significant. Indeed, the patch is a big enough deal that Josh decided to make a video about it, which also includes details about some of the other new features it introduces, such as improved custom AI and character appearance options. And if you're upset about the nerfs, you might be interested to know that he's still planning to tune a few things back up in future patches. Here's the video and a list of highlights from the new Fig update:

Intro Skip Added
  • There is now a Start & Skip Intro button that brings the player directly to the second level of the game.
  • This feature becomes available after you have played through the intro once, or loaded a save (after getting the update).
Veteran & PotD Balance Improvments
  • Armor and Penetration now scale up on PotD.
  • Many encounters have had units swapped out for tougher versions.
  • Some encounters have had units added or set to ambush the party during the encounter.
AI Support and Updates
  • All Conditionals have now been categorized in the Custom AI menu.
  • The AI Toggle button on the ability bar now supports cycling through: Attacking while using Abilities, Attacking while not using Abilities, and Not using AI.
  • The following actions can now be conditionalized in Custom AI: Using Consumable quick slot items, Activating Modals, Switching Weapon Sets, and Basic Weapon Attacking.
Ship Resupply
  • A new "Refill Ship Supplies" button can now be used to conveniently purchase ship supplies from any storefront that sells Medical Supplies, Cannon Shot, and Repair Supplies.
World Map Legend Added
  • A new Map Legend has been added that allows all icons on the World Map to be filtered by category.

The full patch notes are available here. Alongside the patch, Obsidian have released another piece of free DLC, the Beard and Hair Pack which (surprise surprise) adds a few new hairstyles and beards for your character. You can grab that on Steam or GOG. Pretty silly, but it sounds like the next one, which will introduce new crew members and upgrades for ships, might be more substantial.

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