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Pillars of Eternity II Fig Update #51: Patch 1.2

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Pillars of Eternity II Fig Update #51: Patch 1.2

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 6 July 2018, 14:28:16

Tags: Adam Brennecke; Obsidian Entertainment; Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Obsidian released the second major patch for Pillars of Eternity II this week. This one seems focused mainly on user interface quality of life improvements. Notably, the game's quest log now recommends which companions you should take with you on quests to maximize reactivity. Modding capabilities have also been enhanced, with a new built-in mod manager interface to take advantage of them. With Josh Sawyer having moved on to other projects, Adam Brennecke took the helm in the new patch's accompanying Fig update:

  • Inventory and Store Features
    • Your stash is now searchable!
    • Holding shift while selling things from your stash will now add items without prompting the player about stack sizes.
  • Companions and Relationships
    • Reputation screen now displays the dialogue nodes that affected change with companion relationships.
    • Added UI to recommend which companions to bring on quests relevant to those companions.
  • Mod Manager UI
    • User interface added that lets you track which mods you've added or turned on or off.
  • Crew Injuries
    • An Injured Crew HUD is now available.
  • Balance Changes
    • All 2H melee weapons now receive +1 Penetration to put them in line with the other melee weapons.
    • Several under-performing Cipher spells have been buffed while Charm has been re-tuned to break if the character takes damage from the charming party.
    • Tricksters have gotten new spells, lower penalties, and cheaper high level abilities, while Wizards have lower out of school penalties, higher power levels with specialized schools, and spell buffs. Additionally, low-level Priest spells have been buffed.
    • We wanted consumables to be valuable tools to solve problems, not be a singular factor in combat or be a crutch that players could reach for too easily and without any need for decision-making. As they were, they were too-often the only deciding factor in combat. We've re-tuned consumables to scale exclusively from skill ranks and power level bonuses and figurines will no longer have unlimited uses.
  • Major Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where party members who were knocked out during a save state would be dead but still be in the party upon loading a save
    • Players no longer spiritshift (and lose equipment) when drinking from the pool at Outcast's Respite.
    • Player health in character sheet now displays properly.
    • Active animal companion abilities now properly display on the Ranger and animal companion ability bars.
    • Fixed problems with the ability bar detecting the active/queued state of modal abilities in no modal group.

The full patch notes are available here. Coming later this month, an update with details about the Beast of Winter expansion DLC and the accompanying Patch 2.0. According to the current update, a new "merchant-ship" free DLC is also on the way, while in the video Adam mentions a "Deck of Many Things" free DLC that will be released alongside the new patch. Those two descriptions don't sound like they're referring to the same thing, but we'll see.

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