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The New World is now on Steam, gets its first trailer, releasing in Fall 2020

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The New World is now on Steam, gets its first trailer, releasing in Fall 2020

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Sat 18 August 2018, 00:26:28

Tags: Colony Ship: A Post-Earth Role Playing Game; Iron Tower Studio; Vince D. Weller

The New World, Iron Tower Studio's highly anticipated colony ship RPG, now has its own Steam page. Alongside it, they've published the game's first trailer. No gameplay yet - it's an introductory "concept trailer" that explains the game's premise with animated concept art and screenshots. Most notably, the trailer concludes with the announcement of three release dates - Winter 2018 for the combat demo, Fall 2019 for Early Access, and Fall 2020 for the final release. But here, just watch it:

Vault Dweller provides some additional details on the Iron Tower forums:

Our Steam page is now live. While the intro trailer doesn't have any gameplay footage yet (expect the first footage in 3-4 months), it comes with a sample of the ambient tracks. We'll post development updates on Steam as well, so if you're interested please wishlist or follow the game.

While we're on the subject of music, here's what Ryan Eston Paul, our composer, had to say about it:

"Obviously we are in the very early stages of composing here, but even now “The New World” offers so much in way of texture and color from which to create the soundtrack for this world. The cold and dark hue of a metal world starkly illuminated by artificial light. The fatalistic hope of people living within structured living quarters that they will never be able to leave. A world without fields or forest, but with an extended “frontier” of damaged and gang-infested compartments and decks. All of these contrasts and textures create an interesting whole that is equal parts old and new. Just the combination of a science fiction setting and the “western” theme of an endless frontier of lawless land to explore is enough to make my musical wheels really turn.

With “The Age of Decadence”, there was a clear musical voice that was created, one that eschewed from many of the prominent musical tropes of rpg games. Big epic brass and action-packed strings were largely traded for haunting children’s choirs, lonely lute plucks and cryptic whispers. From the beginning, the goal of the team has been to immerse the player in the feel and texture of the world, thus engulfing them in the story, and “The New World” will be no different in this regard. But even while bearing a similar musical philosophy to “The Age of Decadence”, the sound palette of “The New World” has me very excited. Expect synthesizers and dark, unearthly electronic sounds, but also expect a few surprises."
The Steam page also includes two new screenshots, though both show areas that we've seen before in WIP renders. Anyway, wishlist and follow!

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