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Starfury interview at Just RPG

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Starfury interview at Just RPG

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 15 April 2003, 05:21:31

Tags: Space Empires: Starfury

Another thing I'm late on, but I didn't see it anywhere else either, so.. There's an interview about Space Empires: Starfury over at Just RPG that covers a wide gambit of stuff. Here's one such question:

9) How configurable are ships and what kinds of components can be added to them?

Each ship type starts out with preset hardpoints. Each hardpoint is a location where you can place a component. Some components are designated for weapons, some for engines, some for command, etc. You can place any type of component on your ship you wish as long as its type is correct for the hardpoint (for example, you can only place weapon component in weapon hardpoints). So its totally up to you what your ship is outfitted with. You can buy and sell components as needed to outfit your ship.

Players of Space Empires IV will recognize many of the components in Starfury. Since this is taking place in the Space Empires universe, we kept the components similar to their Space Empires counterparts. You?ll find many different weapons from direct fire, to torpedoes, to point defense. There are also components for shield generators, armor, engines, bridge, life support, sensors, etc. In addition, we?ve added a level system to the components so that a level 2 Meson Blaster is better than a level 1 Meson Blaster. This way components will continue to improve through the game.​

That's a lot of upgrade options. Options are good. I like options.

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