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Bard's Tale 2 Remaster Released

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Bard's Tale 2 Remaster Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 24 October 2018, 02:13:50

Tags: inXile Entertainment; Krome Studios; Michael Cranford; The Bard's Tale Trilogy

Krome Studios' remaster of the original Bard's Tale has surprisingly turned out to be one of this year's most well-received RPG releases. Many of our users are saying it's the best game inXile have ever produced, and we're already excited to think about what Krome will do next. In the meantime though, it's onward to The Bard's Tale II: The Destiny Knight. Originally released in 1986, Bard's Tale 2 was a larger and more complex game than its predecessor, featuring new mechanics and an open world with multiple cities. However, its reputation in later years was overshadowed by a notoriously high difficulty level and controversial real-time puzzles. Maybe that's why Michael Cranford himself was brought in to introduce the game in the launch trailer.

Owners of the remastered Bard's Tale Trilogy pack received the second game as a free update today. The announcement post includes an extensive changelog. Krome really are doing fantastic work here. It'll be interesting to see how they tackled the original game's difficulty issues.

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