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Realms Beyond Kickstarter Update #7: Writing Team Stretch Goal

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Realms Beyond Kickstarter Update #7: Writing Team Stretch Goal

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 30 October 2018, 02:11:50

Tags: Casey Hollingshead; Ceres Games; Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen; Scott Hamm

Realms Beyond will be inching its way towards its funding goal for some time yet, but that hasn't stopped Ceres from announcing another stretch goal. This time it's a pretty great one. If the Kickstarter campaign raises €115,000, Ceres will hire the Codex's own Casey Hollingshead and Age of Decadence writer Scott Hamm to write for the game. Casey and Scott most recently distinguished themselves with their work on Battle Brothers.

In other news, Ceres have also added a new Digital Deluxe Edition reward tier. For €70, you can get everything from the €55 combat beta tier plus a bunch of digital goodies and an in-game portrait based on your photo. Remember though that two of those digital goodies will be free for everybody if Ceres reach their social media goals.

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