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Realms Beyond Kickstarter Update #12: Modding Tools Preview

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Realms Beyond Kickstarter Update #12: Modding Tools Preview

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 9 November 2018, 23:45:36

Tags: Ceres Games; Realms Beyond: Ashes of the Fallen

The latest Realms Beyond Kickstarter update gives us a look at the game's toolset - namely its map editor and dialogue editor. The update was originally labelled as a micro-update, but changing it was the right thing to do because there's nothing "micro" about this. The toolset appears to be quite powerful and easy to use, and will be released to the public alongside the game, allowing players to create their own campaigns. Watch the video:

In today's update we will show you a little preview video of our editing tools, which will be shipped along with the game as mod tools, so you can create your own scenarios and campaigns.

Our map editor allows you to texture and modify the landscape, place objects and effects, set the lighting and place creatures and NPCs on the map. It's a powerful editor which gives you a lot of options, but the map building process is quick and easy to learn.

The dialogue editor is just as easy to use and just as powerful. Easily write different conversation nodes and connect them with a click of your mouse. Add conditions to the different dialogue options, making them only available to certain classes or races. Or make them dependent on the player character's gender, or a certain skill or stat. With the dialog editor's script calls, you can implement a large variety of condition checks, and you can have NPCs react in different ways to the player's dialogue choices.

We use AngelScript as a scripting language, which is an object-oriented language based on the syntax of C++. This allows you to create all kinds of interesting scripts to spice up your campaign with the custom scenes you want it to have.

Realms Beyond provides you with powerful modding tools that are easy to learn and allow for quick and efficient mapping and dialogue scripting once you are familiar with them.
In other news, Ceres have collected four virtual beer mugs and reached their first social media stretch goal, which means everybody gets the game's digital art book. Doesn't seem like they'll have time to reach the second one though.

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