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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #27: End of Year Update - Bizarre Stretch Goal Unlocked

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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #27: End of Year Update - Bizarre Stretch Goal Unlocked

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 21 December 2018, 23:49:40

Tags: inXile Entertainment; Paul Marzagalli; Wasteland 3

inXile have published their first Wasteland 3 Fig update in over six months. You'd expect there to be more two years after the campaign, but it's mostly just a brief description of where the game is right now, with a promise of more next year. The main takeaway from the update is that the campaign's $3.25M stretch goal which it failed to meet has now been added to the game anyway. In case you've forgotten (and you probably have) that stretch goal was the "Bizarre", a high-end black market in-game location. That Microsoft cash in action! Oh, and there's also some kind of new combat knockout mechanic. I quote:

Closer to Colorado

Hi everyone, Paul here with an end of year check-in on Wasteland. With 2019 right around the corner, we're ever closer to Colorado and the Desert Rangers' answer to the Patriarch's call. We hope this finds everyone having a fantastic holiday season! We’re very excited to have Wasteland 3 at the stage now where we can focus most of our efforts on bringing the game world to life and maximizing its reactivity to player choices. Our team is currently hard at work doing an end-to-end pass through the game to instill each quest, character, and moment with as much interactivity and personality as we can possibly cram into it! We absolutely cannot wait to start sharing more on this front in early 2019 and are looking forward to giving you, our backers, the opportunity to help shape some of the most interesting (and weird!) moments of reactivity in the game! Further in this update, we've got some news on the stretch goal front, but right now we wanted to kick things off with some big news for the company.

"Are we going to get the Bizarre?"

As many of you recall, when the Fig crowdfunding campaign ended, we got close to (but didn't quite reach) our stretch goal for "The Bizarre", a new area of the game. We left its status open-ended as slacker backer support continued to come in. In recent months, we've begun getting the inquiries - "Hey, are we close?" "Did the Bizarre make it in?" "Are we getting the Bizarre?", etc. etc., and we're happy to report today that, YES, YOU DID IT!

Thanks to your support, The Bizarre is now in Wasteland 3! Expect to hear more about this curious slice of the Colorado Wasteland as we roll through 2019!

Our design team has also been hard at work fleshing out our combat systems to make battles as tactically interesting and choice-filled as they can be! One example of this is a new Down-But-Not-Out system that will give players (as well as foes) a chance to stage desperate comebacks from near-death situations. The Wasteland is a brutal and deadly place, but it is also a place where the extremely cunning or stubborn can sometimes cheat death in dramatic ways! You can expect us to share this system (as well as other nefarious surprises and aces in the hole) in much greater detail in our early 2019 updates, and we’re counting on your feedback to help make everything that we’ve been working on as good as possible!

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Wasteland New Year!

Thanks to all of you one last time for helping to make the Bizarre a reality! 2019 is shaping up to be an amazing year for Wasteland fans, and we are looking forward to taking the journey with you! We look forward to finally being able to share some first looks at how all those systems are coming together and give you some glimpses into the world of Wasteland 3. In the meanwhile, all of us at inXile wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! Safe travels if you are heading anywhere!
Hopefully by "first looks" they mean gameplay videos. They don't have the excuse of being focused on Bard's Tale IV anymore.

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