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Spells of Gold gander at ComputerGames.ro

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Spells of Gold gander at ComputerGames.ro

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 22 April 2003, 00:44:50

Tags: Spells of Gold

There's a preview over at ComputerGames.ro covering Spells of Gold, the upcoming trading and role playing title being published by Russian based Buka Entertainment. Here's a bit on the trade system:

The price of these goods varies based on four factors. First of all the price is influenced by the deterioration degree in time of the respective merchandise. The quantities of meat or strawberries decrease after some time while the quantities of mirrors or jewelry remain the same. On the other hand the price differs either in a cyclic way or depending on the season. Guild affiliation can also let you access cheaper goods. Another factor is the distance between cities so you can gain a huge profit if they are separated by a long way. This is only if the second city imports the merchandise you have chosen because there are 4 civilizations (European, Slavonic, Arab and Asian) in Lokatrienn, the universe of the game, which influences not only the aspect of the buildings but the type of goods which are imported or exported also.​

Here's to hoping the character and roleplaying system are as good as the trading system.

Thanks Assassin for the heads up.

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