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West of Loathing - Reckonin' at Gun Manor DLC released

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West of Loathing - Reckonin' at Gun Manor DLC released

Game News - posted by Darth Roxor on Sun 10 February 2019, 17:37:14

Tags: Asymmetric; West of Loathing

West of Loathing, the greatly overlooked and underappreciated 2017 stick figure western parody RPG that for some reason has never been posted about on the front page because Infinitron is too busy with Obsidian's updates about updates about kickstarter updates, has just been upgraded with DLC. Reckonin' at Gun Manor is a short new adventure that will take you through a spooky haunted house.

A ghostly carriage arrives in Dirtwater. Only you can see it, and it only goes one place -- the mysterious Gun Manor.

A brand new West of Loathing adventure, full of all the things you've come to expect from the Loathing brand:
  • A few more hours of that sweet, sweet gameplay
  • Fiendish new monsters
  • Useful new items
  • Challenging puzzles (which are also new)
  • Scads of new goofs and gags
  • No new gulches (sorry, we're all gulched out)
Who can solve the mystery of Gun Manor? Is it you? It's probably you.​

You can pick it up on Steam for a grand total of 17.99 PLN (or something around $5 if you use imaginary money), and if you liked the first game, then you probably should.

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