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RuneQuest cRPG in development

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RuneQuest cRPG in development

Development Info - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 12 March 2019, 09:42:58

Tags: Black Shamrock; RuneQuest

Ireland-based developer Black Shamrock plans to bring RuneQuest to your gaming rig in cRPG form, according to this press release. We appreciate the effort.

Dublin, 11th March 2019 – After 40 years as a beloved role-playing adventure series, Chaosium Inc. is partnering with Dublin-based developer Black Shamrock to bring RuneQuest into the 21st century – as a video game RPG. Black Shamrock is developing an all new RPG adventure based on the work of legendary fantasy game designer and world-builder Greg Stafford for the very first time.

Get ready to enter RuneQuest’s legendary setting of Glorantha, a vibrant world with its own history, religion and lore. Glorantha has provided the setting for generations of gamemasters and will now be the basis for Black Shamrock’s new RPG adventure.

Olivier Masclef, Managing Director from Black Shamrock comments: “We’re so excited to be working on such a legendary fantasy role-playing world and take very seriously the trust that Chaosium has placed with us. As up-and-coming RPG specialists, the opportunity to bring the world of Glorantha to life is a dream come true.”

"We cannot be more excited than to be working together with Black Shamrock to bring the fantastic setting of Glorantha to life as a video game. With its vibrant characters and incredible mythology, this is what RuneQuest fans have been waiting for since RPG video games were invented!" says Jeff Richard, Creative Director of Chaosium.​

I, for one, welcome our new Irish cRPG overlords.

Thanks, LESS T_T.

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