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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #29: Delayed to Spring 2020, Scotchmo Conversation Scene

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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #29: Delayed to Spring 2020, Scotchmo Conversation Scene

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Mon 10 June 2019, 14:54:08

Tags: inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 3

inXile published a new Wasteland 3 Fig update shortly after yesterday's Microsoft E3 show ended. As I said, the game's trailer didn't announce a release date, and the reason for that is that it's been delayed to next year. The good news is that the backer alpha will be out as soon as August, with an Early Access beta release coming shortly afterwards. Anyway, speaking of the trailer, you'll be glad to hear that Scotchmo's appearance in it wasn't custom-made CGI. He will be a character in Wasteland 3 and what we saw in the trailer was his "talking head". The update includes a short video of an in-game conversation with Scotchmo, featuring a standard RPG dialogue tree including skill checks. I'll post that here along with an excerpt from the update:

A Postcard Arrives

E3 is upon us—that special time of year when you learn about new games, or more about the games you’re most excitedly waiting for. We’re happy to be delivering some of the latter, with a new, pre-Alpha look at Wasteland 3 from an old pal and returning character from Wasteland 2. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

In addition to the return of Scotchmo and an extended look at the post-nuclear landscape of Colorado, we’re announcing a new launch window of Spring 2020. That’s down to the fact that, thanks to our relationship with Microsoft, we’re able to hire more staff and spend more time realizing our vision for Wasteland 3. All in all it means a little more time to get things right and deliver the experience we want, and the one we know you expect.

We also have new screenshots to share over on our Wasteland 3 page on the inXile site so you can get a closer look at some of locations glimpsed at in the video.

Alpha, Early Access and Release

We’re pleased to announce two more release windows; ones we’re asked about almost as often as when the game itself is coming out.

Our backer Alpha will arrive August, 2019 to those who pledged in the First Access and higher tiers. Early Access (sometimes referred to as Beta) will be arriving in late Fall, 2019, and is for all backer tiers with the exception of the Correspondent tier.

The Alpha will be a first opportunity to play around with many of the game’s different systems in a guided experience, with the Early Access providing a bigger chunk of the game to check out. In both cases, they’ll be your opportunity to provide us with feedback that we can use to help make the final game that much better for everyone.

As mentioned above—but it bears repeating—our launch target for the full game release is now Spring 2020.

One Last Treat
Finally, we wanted to leave you with one last treat. We’re happy we were able to reveal Scotchmo’s triumphant return in the E3 trailer, and wanted to share a look at how we’re bringing Scotchmo back for Wasteland 3. show how the character originally evolved in Wasteland 2, the iteration work he went through in early production, and finally an extended video snippet of a player conversation with him. Again, please remember that everything you see, from graphics to audio to UI, are all pre-Alpha.

And here’s an extended look at the model, animation, and VO for Scotchmo. The dialog UI is very much temp in this video, but provides an example of the type of dialog options you might see in the final game. Our artists want to reiterate that this is of course an early look with temp UI, in-progress lighting, model, and everything else. However, we'd still love to hear your feedback!

Thank you again for your backing and support of the game. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. We’ll see you again soon with some more Wasteland 3 goodies, including drill-downs on some of the core gameplay pillars and systems. Stay tuned!

inXile are taking the Wasteland 3 alpha to Gamescom in August, so we'll hear more about the game then if not earlier. For more details about the alpha and beta releases, see the FAQ in the full update.

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