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Knights of the Chalice - Steam Release on 23rd August

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Knights of the Chalice - Steam Release on 23rd August

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 5 August 2019, 10:18:43

Tags: Heroic Fantasy Games; Knights of the Chalice; Knights of the Chalice 2

I'm happy to announce that Knights of the Chalice will be released on Steam soon. It is finally happening after all these years. The Steam store page is already up, see here. That also means the Kickstarter campaign for KotC 2 will be coming, uhh, eventually.

Knights of the Chalice is a party-based RPG with turn-based combat for Windows. KotC 1 uses the OGL 3.5, the ruleset at the root of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5. In KotC 1, create four Adventurers and embark on a bold journey to save the Land from Slavers, Demons, Dragons and other Evil Forces, as your Heroic Party progresses all the way from level 1 to level 20.

A Kickstarter campaign is still planned for the future adventure modules of KotC 2. The first KotC 2 adventure module, Augury of Chaos, and the KotC 2 module and campaign editor will be released to backers as soon as the campaign ends. In KotC 2: Augury of Chaos, your Heroic Party confronts a group of Evil Fanatics allied with various Demons and Fiendish Dragons. Thank you for reading!

Best regards, Pierre Begue

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