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Gamescom 2019 Livestream: Wasteland 3, Dark Envoy, The Waylanders

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Gamescom 2019 Livestream: Wasteland 3, Dark Envoy, The Waylanders

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Sun 25 August 2019, 01:17:00

Tags: Brian Fargo; Dark Envoy; Event Horizon; Gato Studio; inXile Entertainment; The Waylanders; Tim Campbell; Wasteland 3

IGN seem to have served as the official streamers for this year's Gamescom, broadcasting daily with a German language stream in the noon and the regular American crew in the evening. Over the course of the week there were disappointingly few RPGs to be seen, despite the large number of such titles currently in development. Only on Friday did a few of them show up, starting with the appearance of Wasteland 3 in the German IGN stream. Brian Fargo and Tim Campbell don't speak German, so you may want to skip the parts where the host translates what they're saying:

Two smaller RPGs showed up in the English stream later during the day - the recently announced steampunkish turn-based tactical RPG Dark Envoy and the Dragon Age: Origins-inspired historical time travel RPG The Waylanders which was successfully crowdfunded last year. For both titles, it's an opportunity to premier their first significant gameplay footage. Also, the Waylanders guys have finally admitted that Chris Avellone is working for them.

In other news, there were a few more previews of the Wasteland 3 alpha build published over the week, at IGN, COGconnected, Expansive, and Gaming Target. But there's not much need for that when we can see the gameplay ourselves. I know there were more RPGs at Gamescom than just the few we saw in these public events. Hopefully we'll hear about them later on.

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