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System Shock 3 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser

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System Shock 3 Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 12 September 2019, 00:22:01

Tags: OtherSide Entertainment; System Shock 3

OtherSide Entertainment's System Shock 3 still doesn't have a publisher, and in recent months the studio has been shedding employees at a steady pace, including Underworld Ascendant game director Joe Fielder and producer/designer Chris Siegel. OtherSide aren't quite dead yet however, or at least the Austin studio isn't. Today they unexpectedly released a new System Shock 3 pre-alpha gameplay teaser. It's got mutants, robots, brief glimpses of combat with wrench and guns, all manner of body horror and of course SHODAN taunts. Following a brief period of IGN exclusivity, the teaser was uploaded to OtherSide's YouTube channel:

I'd say it looks good, if only I was confident it was a real thing that was ever going to be released. I guess we'll see what happens now. It's worth noting that IGN's article describes System Shock 3 as a "first-person action game", although it's also supposed to support various class roles like hacker, stealth specialist and melee master. Also, note the year mentioned in the teaser - 2085, which is between System Shock and System Shock 2. I wonder how that fits with Warren Spector's original plan.

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