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The Outer Worlds Tokyo Game Show 2019 Gameplay Footage

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The Outer Worlds Tokyo Game Show 2019 Gameplay Footage

Preview - posted by Infinitron on Tue 17 September 2019, 20:47:28

Tags: Obsidian Entertainment; The Outer Worlds

I thought PAX West might be the last time we see The Outer Worlds in action before its release, but it turns out there were still a few gaming events left to promote it at. This weekend Obsidian took the game to Japan for the annual Tokyo Game Show convention. Most of the gameplay reels that have come out of that are using a localized version, but there were two Western outlets in attendance who played the game in English - Gamereactor and VGC. Only VGC uploaded their footage to YouTube, so that's what I'll post here. It's 40 minutes of gameplay from one of the game's early areas, specifically the point where the player character first finds his ship, The Unreliable. Heading over to the nearby town of Edgewater to find a new power regulator for the ship, the player becomes involved in a dispute between the mayor and a group of deserters who have occupied a botanical garden in the adjacent wilderness.

The game looks pretty much final now, some janky enemy AI aside. Even though it's not an open world game per se, the areas look nice and spacious. Too bad we don't get to see the end of that quest, though.

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