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Lionheart shotgun interview at RPG Vault

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Lionheart shotgun interview at RPG Vault

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 25 April 2003, 03:37:31

Tags: Eric Dallaire; Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader; Reflexive Entertainment

Yet another shotgun interview with the Reflexive boys about Lionheart over at RPG Vault. This time it covers items, items that aren't weapons, but still ph4t l3wt ones:

Jonric: Aside from weapons, what are a couple of items available in Lionheart that you consider especially cool or fun to use, and why?

Eric Dallaire
Designer and Lead Writer, Reflexive Entertainment

When you meet William Shakespeare, you have the chance to help him out of a real financial bind. In serious debt from his last play, William turns to you to help convince the Barcelona equivalent of a loan shark that William deserves more time to repay his debt. If you help William, the bard gives you a book he has been working on that will help to raise your Speech skill, Shakespeare's Eloquent Works. If you decide to help the moneylender Shylocke against Shakespeare, you receive the Art of Barter, a book that will raise your Barter skill by an equivalent amount. Both rewards are good for speech characters, so I definitely like to do one of those side quests to raise my diplomacy.​

See, this is why we love Eric Dallaire. He didn't go for the armor answer, he went for the Speech/Barter trinkets.

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