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Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Articles associated with this tag:

18-Jan-2017 RPG Codex Interview: Ion Hardie on Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader
9-Jul-2004 Blast from the past: Lionheart Review
6-Jun-2003 Lionheart - Wielder Faction
25-Jan-2003 Lionheart Interview with Ion Hardie
16-Jan-2003 Lionheart Developer chat log.
27-May-2017 Dragon Wars, Stonekeep and Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader now available on Steam
13-Jan-2009 GameBanshee review LionHeart
9-Jul-2004 Our Lionheart review
22-Dec-2003 Entertainment Depot stongly dislikes Lionheart
17-Nov-2003 Lionheart review at Gameplasma
10-Nov-2003 LAN Addict doesn't like Lionheart
31-Oct-2003 Lionheart scorned at ELiTeD
29-Oct-2003 C&VG reviews Lionheart
24-Oct-2003 Lionheart pulped by VideoGamesLife
14-Oct-2003 Lionheart lub in continues at Wickedtoast
14-Oct-2003 Lionheart lub at Game Industry
8-Oct-2003 CGM bones Lionheart
7-Oct-2003 Lionheart bashed by CD Action
2-Oct-2003 Lionheart unimpresses GameAxis
26-Sep-2003 Gameguru Lionheart review
23-Sep-2003 Lionheart savaged at Gamer's Pulse
20-Sep-2003 DailyGame thoroughly dislikes Lionheart
20-Sep-2003 UGO thinks Lionheart is just peachy
19-Sep-2003 Lionheart slapped around at Computer Games Online
18-Sep-2003 Lionheart 1.1 patch released
16-Sep-2003 Lionheart groin punched at Game Revolution
15-Sep-2003 Lionheart flogged at Game Chronicles
15-Sep-2003 Lionheart spanked sorta by AVault
14-Sep-2003 3DAvenue reviews Lionheart
13-Sep-2003 Lionheart's Face Rocked at RPGDot
13-Sep-2003 Lionheart gets the mix from GameSpot AU
13-Sep-2003 Lionheart scores a win at GamersDepot
11-Sep-2003 More Top 10 Sellers hooplah
11-Sep-2003 GamerDad wishy washes Lionheart
9-Sep-2003 Review of Lionheart at GameGossip
6-Sep-2003 SciFi.com finds Lionheart tolerable
4-Sep-2003 Lionheart half heartly endorsed by Gameplanet NZ
4-Sep-2003 Lionheart thoroughly blahed at Gamers With Jobs
3-Sep-2003 Lionheart gets love from GameZilla
2-Sep-2003 GameSpy bahs at Lionheart
28-Aug-2003 Lionheart ho-hummed at Frictionless Insight
27-Aug-2003 Lionheart thwapped at PC.IGN
26-Aug-2003 GameOver zings Lionheart
23-Aug-2003 Lionheart flogged at ActionTrip
22-Aug-2003 Lionheart professionally reviewed by GamersHell
21-Aug-2003 Lionheart patch in the works
19-Aug-2003 GameSpot reviews Lionheart
18-Aug-2003 Lionheart release aftermath
15-Aug-2003 Lionheart first impressions at Gamers with Jobs
15-Aug-2003 Lionheart shotgun interview number.. I've lost count.
8-Aug-2003 Lionheart Q&A at Gamer's Hell
7-Aug-2003 Lionheart item feature #11 at RPGDot
6-Aug-2003 Lionheart trailer released, a new one!
1-Aug-2003 RPGVault's Lionheart Team Q&A #17
31-Jul-2003 Lionheart item feature #10 at RPGDot
30-Jul-2003 Penny Arcade on Lionheart's demo
28-Jul-2003 Lionheart demo released
26-Jul-2003 Lionheart Official Site updated with perk info
18-Jul-2003 Lionheart Team Q&A #16 @ RPGVault
16-Jul-2003 Lionheart Goes GOLD!
15-Jul-2003 Lionheart Interview/Preview at Adrenaline Vault with Ion Hardie
11-Jul-2003 Lionheart ph4t l3wt numero nine at RPGDot
5-Jul-2003 Lionheart shotgun interview no15 at RPG Vault
28-Jun-2003 Lionheart website updated with Tribal spells!
24-Jun-2003 Lionheart Ph4t L3wt #8
21-Jun-2003 Lionheart shotgun interview #14 at RPG Vault
14-Jun-2003 Lionheart site updated with thought!
14-Jun-2003 Lionheart thought magic
6-Jun-2003 Lionheart shotgun interview #13
6-Jun-2003 First article on Lionheart factions
3-Jun-2003 Lionheart items #7
1-Jun-2003 Lionheart interview at PC Dome
31-May-2003 Lionheart site updated
29-May-2003 Lionheart posers answered at GameBanshee
24-May-2003 Lionheart shotgun interview 12 at RPG vault
24-May-2003 Lionheart interview at eToyChest
30-Apr-2003 Lionheart Q&A over at 3DAvenue
30-Apr-2003 Reflexive's new site
29-Apr-2003 Lionheart Ph4t L3wt #6
27-Apr-2003 Lionheart screenshots at ToTheGame
25-Apr-2003 Lionheart shotgun interview at RPG Vault
22-Apr-2003 Let the Lionheart pimping begin!
16-Apr-2003 Lionheart talk with Bryce Baker at DailyGame
15-Apr-2003 Lionheart ph4t l3wt #5 at RPGDot
12-Apr-2003 Lionheart shotgun interview 9 at RPG Vault
3-Apr-2003 Lionheart Q&A thingies at RPG Vault
1-Apr-2003 Lionheart Ph4t L3wt #4 posted
28-Mar-2003 New Lionheart trailer
27-Mar-2003 New Lionheart release date
27-Mar-2003 Chris Parker Interview
26-Mar-2003 Lionheart official site updated
22-Mar-2003 Lionheart Q&A over at Just RPG
18-Mar-2003 Lionheart ph4t l3wt Feature #3
15-Mar-2003 Lionheart Q&A over at RPG Vault
14-Mar-2003 Lionheart concept art posted at official site
6-Mar-2003 RPGDot articles on Lionheart's ph4t l3wt
5-Mar-2003 Lionheart screenshots
28-Feb-2003 Lionheart interview-let at RPG Vault
24-Feb-2003 Lionheart Q&A at LoadedInc
21-Feb-2003 Lionheart Screenshot at RPGVault
20-Feb-2003 Lionheart Q&A at Gamer's Click
15-Feb-2003 Lionheart box art and screenshots at RPGDot
14-Feb-2003 Lionheart Q&A over at RPG Vault
12-Feb-2003 Lionheart screenies at RPGDot
10-Feb-2003 Lionheart Screenshot Gallery at CDProjekt
31-Jan-2003 Lionheart Screenshot of The Week at RPGVault
31-Jan-2003 Lionheart Q&A #4 at RPG Vault
31-Jan-2003 Lionheart Dev Diary at GameSpot
27-Jan-2003 Lionheart Interview on Doupe.cz
25-Jan-2003 Lionheart interview
25-Jan-2003 Lionheart screenshots at RPGDot
17-Jan-2003 Lionheart Screenshot of The Week at RPGVault
17-Jan-2003 Lionheart gameplay Q&A at RPG Vault
16-Jan-2003 The Lionheart chat log
10-Jan-2003 Lionheart Screenshot of The Week at RPGVault
9-Jan-2003 Lionheart Dev Chat next Wednesday
7-Jan-2003 Lionheart interview at GameSpy.
3-Jan-2003 Lionheart Q&A at RPGVault
3-Jan-2003 Lionheart Screenshot of The Week at RPGVault
27-Dec-2002 Lionheart Screenshot of The Week at RPGVault
20-Dec-2002 Lionheart screenshot at RPGVault
20-Dec-2002 Lionheart traits questionnaire on RPG Vault
19-Dec-2002 Lionheart SPECIAL article 9 at RPGDot
16-Dec-2002 Lionheart preview at GamesDomain
14-Dec-2002 Lionheart dev diary at GameSpot
13-Dec-2002 Lionheart Screenshot at RPGVault
12-Dec-2002 Lionheart trailer available
8-Dec-2002 Lionheart Interview at Worthplaying
3-Dec-2002 Doug Avery on Lionheart at Unforgotten Realms
3-Dec-2002 Lionheart SPECIAL Feature #8 at RPGDot
28-Nov-2002 Lionheart preview at PC.IGN
28-Nov-2002 Lionheart - Pause and Play
27-Nov-2002 Lionheart shots at GameBanshee
21-Nov-2002 GameSpot previews Lionheart
17-Nov-2002 Lionheart screens at Worthplaying
15-Nov-2002 New Desk of DaVinci
11-Nov-2002 RPGDot Lionheart feature #7 posted
3-Nov-2002 From the Desk of DaVinci #2 on RPG Vault
1-Nov-2002 Lionheart Q&A at BonusWeb
31-Oct-2002 RPGDot scores three lionheart screens
29-Oct-2002 RPGDot Lionheart Article #6: MAGIC
23-Oct-2002 New Lionheart Discussion Forum
21-Oct-2002 SPECIAL system in Lionheart interview at DAC.

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