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SPECIAL system in Lionheart interview at DAC.

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SPECIAL system in Lionheart interview at DAC.

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 21 October 2002, 06:11:52

Tags: Eric Dallaire; Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader; Reflexive Entertainment

Duck and Cover has posted Part 2 of the SPECIAL System Interview with Reflexive's Eric Dallaire. The interview covers things such as the skill point system, resistance types, perks in the game and their uses, and much, much more. Here's a bit of it:

4.) Also about Perks, items in the game will have random bonuses to certain things. Won't these be like wearable Perks? How will items and Perks be balanced so that Perks are something important and not something that can be taken for granted by just stacking items that do similar things?

For random items, bonuses for magic items will be scaled for the player’s level and approximate power. At lower levels, random items will not even be close to the power of perks. At the middle levels, magic weapons for instance do more damage and often have a bonus or two that would affect derived attributes, like armor class or any one of the resistances. It’s possible that some of these middle range magic items might increase an attribute, but those items would be very rare. Rare high-level magical items, or some of the powerful unique quest items, might rival or even exceed the power of some perks. To balance this out so that perks do not become redundant or useless, we’re making an effort to ensure that magic items don’t diminish the importance of the skill system or the perks, but rather complement them. While there will be some overlap, mostly with the increases for attributes with magic items and perks, perks will generally grant more unique powers and talents than magic items. Finally, and most importantly, perks are permanent bonuses, while the bonuses of items leave when the item is removed. As the character advances, the player will have to make hard choices – for instance, better armor is found that affords much better protection but doesn’t raise fire and poison resistance. Encumbrance limitations will prevent players from stockpiling too many magic items for every occasion.​

They also have a brand new screenshot of the new interface.

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