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Lionheart release aftermath

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Lionheart release aftermath

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 18 August 2003, 15:20:58

Tags: Eric Dallaire; Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader; Reflexive Entertainment

And the Interplay forums, particularly the Lionheart forum has taken a turn toward the ugly. While there are positive threads, there are many threads how the developers have lied, how the developers should be ashamed of this title, taking the game back to EB, questions on why the game costs $50 instead of $20, and much more unpleasantness. However, on the subject of the devs lying, Eric Dallaire decided to stand tall and retort with this:

If you didn't like the game that's your opinion and I respect it. But to post that we lied to you is a lie in itself. I have been very forthcoming that the demo represented some things about the game dead on and that the real game certainly contained more story and interaction, which it does. If you're disappointed that the end game did not have as much non-linearity as the beginning of the game, I can understand your point of view.

But we didn't lie. Since the beginning, when we were asked to make an action rpg, we have been saying that the game would have a story but also have combat and that it would have areas that you couldn't talk your way through. I think we've been very up front about Lionheart throughout production and post release.

I told people that if they didn't like the demo at all, then they would not like the game and I recommended that they didn't purchase it. Some people interpreted this statement as a callous disregard for what people wanted out of this game - but we wanted to be honest about what kind of game Lionheart is to avoid people from buying a game they didn't want.

I also said that if you liked the demo, you would love the game, and for or those on the fence, some would really like it while others still might not.

I stand by those comments.

If you really like elements of Lionheart but don't like other parts, that's fine, we'd love to hear your constructive comments. Believe or not, we're in the industry to make fun games that we want to play and that others will enjoy playing and we want to keep honing our craft. But we're human, and most of us are not going to wade into flaming rant-filled threads - this thread only got my attention because the title was so off base that I thought it deserved a defense. Please don't think this is a good way to get our attention, however.

To those that enjoyed the entire game, most of the game, or overall thought it was fun, I'm glad you enjoyed it. For those who liked some elements of the demo or full game but really hated this feature or that or wanted to see 80% of X, I wish the game could have been better for you (and I do want to hear what you liked/disliked). And for those people who bought this game thinking it was a different game, I am sorry that you were disappointed and I hope you get your money back or a trade-in. We certainly don't want to sell a steak to a vegan (or an apple to a carnivore ). Our intention was to make a role playing game that attempts to tell a good story while blending in strong action background.

Again, we want to see your feedback, but please keep the comments civil and constructive. For those that are on the fence about Lionheart, I would recommend that you do some research into previews, interviews, and read some reviews.​

I actually made a few statements at the beginning that Black Isle making another combat game would be a bad idea, even if they contract it to someone else. It's been four years since Planescape: Torment, after all.

Thanks to chrisbeddoes for pointing me the way there.

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