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Doug Avery on Lionheart at Unforgotten Realms

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Doug Avery on Lionheart at Unforgotten Realms

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 3 December 2002, 19:36:03

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Unforgotten Realms has posted an interview with Mr. Doug Avery of BIS regarding Lionheart. Here's a taste of the pie:

2. The Velocity engine used in Lionheart is newer than the Infinity engine that the Baldur?s Gate and IceWind Dale games have used. Can you give us some examples of how the new engine will benefit players?

The Velocity engine is a versatile, proprietary Reflexive gaming engine that we are using for Lionheart as an isometric engine to render 2D backgrounds while real-time converting 3D models into 2D images to maintain anti-aliasing with 3D characters. This means the 3D characters can be blended seamlessly into the 2D environments while still maintaining their 3D advantages, such as having an amazing amount of equipment changes. Some of the other improvements over other engines is the ability to do things like modify the ground in real-time. This makes for an extremely cool, and stressful, effect such as flooding a level, or melting the floor beneath the character?s feet as you run for your life. The engine has proven itself with previously shipped titles, such as ZAX: The Alien Hunter, and StarTrek: Away Team, and the design team is very familiar with it. Our programmers have worked for years on making it robust and easy to use.

You could call it, Infinity Engine++!

Thanks, Ausir, of that Polish Lionheart fan site.

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