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Lionheart bashed by CD Action

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Lionheart bashed by CD Action

Review - posted by Ausir on Tue 7 October 2003, 22:03:45

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Lionheart has been reviewed by CD Action, the biggest Polish gaming magazine. I normally don't mention things like that, but what made it worth mentioning is that they gave it a rating of... 5/10 (Gameplay 4, Video 7, Audio 5), especially that they're the people who gave NWN a 10! Their impressions from playing the game can already be seen in the first paragraph (I translated some bits of the review):

    Do not believe when they tell you that Richard the Lionhearted after conquering Acre and making peace with Saladin returned (or at least tried) to Engliand. Actually, he embarked on a long crusade against the dragons. However, you should laugh when they tell you that Lionheart is another great RPG by the makers of Fallout. Or even - that it is aa role-playing game at all...

And more on the combat:

    After you leave the city walls, role-playing becomes hack and slash, and the only experience points are the ones hiding in the bodies of the enemies. And don't get me wrong - i like also that kind of games and i really look forward to new Dungeon Siege games. Lionheart's hack & slash is of the worst kind: tedious like counting sheep, and irritating like a party behind the wall. It's because the design decisions taken by the makers of this game are simply unacceptable.

The impressions of the reviewer are similar to other reviews of Lionheart, except that it's rare to see a magazine, whose rating system does not begin with 6, nowadays...

Cheers, PrzeSzkod!

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