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Chris Parker Interview

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Chris Parker Interview

Interview - posted by Ausir on Thu 27 March 2003, 11:07:25

Tags: Chris Parker; Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

There's a new interview with Chris Parker, BIS' producer of Lionheart at RPG Player Italian site (the interview is in English, though). It also covers the new BIS 3D engine and MMORPGs. Here's a bit:

RPGPlayer: What do you think about multiplayer only games or about mmorpg? Have you ever thought about developing a mmorpg? What do you think about the future destiny of singleplayer games?
Black Isle Studios: "I think there is a want for all of these types of games. At various times over last few years we have discussed such a venture in Black Isle, but we haven't announced any work on one, at least not as of yet. I'm sure you understand, though, that would be a massive undertaking.
It is my personal opinion that there will always be a market for single player games. This trend of multiplayer gaming is valid, but it's driven by people, mostly in suits and marketing who don't actually know what *all* gamers want even though they do know what *most* gamers want. But when you approach a market like that it leaves holes, and a current gaping hole is the single player, story driven experience. There just hasn't been one for awhile that was really amazing. Sooner or later, somebody will make one, and it will be really successful, then we'll see a slew of copycats, and everybody will wonder if there's enough room on store shelves for so many single player games."

Funny, i think the same applies to the turn based games...

Spotted this at RPGDot.

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It's a turn-based RPG thing on KickStarter.


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