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Lionheart items #7

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Lionheart items #7

Game News - posted by Ausir on Tue 3 June 2003, 03:38:40

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

There's another part of Lionheart ph4t l3w7 feature at RPGDot. Here's a bit:

    Belt of Voodoo
    Imported from the dark continents of the Americas, this belt has a sickly-sweet smell about it that cannot be removed. While worn, this belt enhances all Tribal spell skills by 1 point. When it is combined with the Necklace of Voodoo, the wearer obtains one more skill point to spend per level up. (Developer's Note: There can be 1-3 magic additions put onto most magical items, such as belts, necklaces, boots, etc. This one only has one.)

Unfortunately, Voodoo was brought to America by black slaves, so it would make more sense if it was from Africa, since America was never colonized in Lionheart world.

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