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Lionheart interview at eToyChest

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Lionheart interview at eToyChest

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 24 May 2003, 17:13:53

Tags: Eric Dallaire; Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader; Reflexive Entertainment

eToyChest has a very nicely done interview with our good pal over at Reflexive, Eric Dallaire. You know Eric, he's the lead writer guy for Lionheart. It's the CRPG that Interplay accidentally forgot to show off at E3, so you haven't heard much from it in all the recent press. Anyway, now that I've managed to work in all the links to this story that I needed to put somewhere, here's the clip:

Q: The words "role-playing game" mean a lot of different things in gaming today. Is Lionheart a game that focuses primarily on combat and action sequences, or is there a good deal of puzzle solving and character interaction as well?

SPECIAL ED: The term RPG does mean so many different things to so many different people. These days, you have to be careful how you classify your game so that you don't misrepresent your product. Role-playing games often have additional descriptors like 'Action', 'Hardcore', 'Story-Based', or even 'Classic' also known as the 'Hack and Slash'. There are a few games that do each of these types of RPGs very well, and others that attempt to blend multiple types of RPG elements together into a cohesive experience.

I'd have to say that Lionheart is one those RPGs that combines several different elements from different RPG sub-genres. Lionheart has a rich story, but also involves a good deal of classic leveling, dungeon exploration, and various combat encounters. If you enjoy playing combat based characters that use blades or magic, there is plenty in Lionheart that will appeal to you. If you enjoy searching for traps, sneaking around as a stealthy character, solving puzzles, then there is another character path for you in Lionheart. If you like engaging in dialogue with many characters, and you don't leave dialogue until you've read everything someone has to say, there are plenty of verbose characters that would love to chew your ear off. Our Speech and Barter skills also allow diplomatic characters to avoid sticky encounters with intelligent opponents, though there are times when enemies have no intention to bother talking to you. We've also made a concerted effort to put in hard-to-find extra material in for the hard-core gamer that likes to complete tons of side quests and find all the secrets.​

Whomever thought of making sure that Speech skill made it in to Lionheart deserves much, much, much praise.. And half the profits from the game, I think. At least half.

Spotted this at HomeLAN Fed.

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