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Lionheart ph4t l3wt Feature #3

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Lionheart ph4t l3wt Feature #3

Preview - posted by Ausir on Tue 18 March 2003, 00:34:16

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

You can find the third installment of the kewl Lionheart l3wt article at RPGDot. This time among the great magical divine uberweapons of megakewlness are the Bow of Icy Carnage, The Everlasting and the Serpent's Bile. Here's a bit:

    Bow of Icy Carnage (Two-Handed)
    Originally created to fight Fire Drakes in the Fourth Crusade against the Storm Dragons in 1241, this bow increases the damage that its wielder does with cold by 25%. It also causes 60% more piercing damage than a regular bow. However, a Ranged Weapons skill of 85 is required to equip this item.

Spotted at CD Projekt.

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