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Review - posted by Spazmo on Sat 6 September 2003, 15:42:10

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader have reviewed Lionheart. They essentially agree with everyone else insofar that Barcelona is fun, but the rest is dull hack and slash. They still seemed to enjoy it overall.

The early parts of this game are smart and witty, and the magical elements will please fans who eagerly waited for "Fallout Fantasy." But this is a game where players will want to save ... constantly. Fights are tricky, and can come up within a second, with no warning. Players will also want to spend a lot of time side-questing in Barcelona, before the real action begins. Once characters leave that sparkling city, the storyline descends into boring hack-and-slash tunnels. Characters should be beefed up before entering these later fighting realms. Otherwise, only slaughter awaits—a source of frustration for many who expect an endgame as strong and sophisticated as the beginning.

Nevertheless, a rich plot well devised makes up for many sins, and Lionheart has it in spades. Its multicultural message—tolerance for all kinds, including devilish imps—resonates. No race or group is completely good or evil. An open-ended RPG with plenty of fine details—Lionheart may disappoint anyone expecting Diablo meets Da Vinci—but it's worth a look for everyone else, if only to play the beginning sections in Barcelona.

I'm rather impressed by the reviewer's knowledge of the whole "Fallout Fantasy" deal. Looks like does some research.

Thanks to XJEDX for the heads up.

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