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New Desk of DaVinci

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New Desk of DaVinci

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 15 November 2002, 23:25:28

Tags: Eric Dallaire; Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader; Reflexive Entertainment

RPG Vault has posted a new Desk of DaVinci article based on the BIS alternative history-ish CRPG, Lionheart. Here's a taste of it:

As I have done many times before, I visited my dear friend Galileo Galilei today. Sadly, my friend was not peering at the heavens in his observatory, but was instead a mistreated 'guest' of the Inquisition, caged like an animal in their dark chambers.

Despite my objections, the Inquisition imprisoned Galileo almost a year ago for heresy. I cautioned him that the world was not ready for his remarkable ideas, that he should be less outspoken with the Inquisition in power. He spoke openly with nobles and commoners alike that we could benefit from all forms of magic, that such energies could be directed toward science to unlock the secrets that still confound us. He dared to challenge our limited knowledge of the heavens, and he refused to let the Inquisition intimidate him. To silence him, the Inquisition arrested Galileo and closed his observatory.

Since his imprisonment, I have made several unauthorized visits to Galileo, to deliver things to comfort him or to pass on messages from those that wish to see him free.​

Galileo, always putting his nose where it doesn't belong.

Thanks for the heads up, Eric Dallaire.

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