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Lionheart - Pause and Play

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Lionheart - Pause and Play

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 28 November 2002, 02:35:32

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

Per this forum thread on the Interplay Forums, Lionheart will backslide back to the typical BIS faire and impliment a real time with pause scheme. Here's the skinny:

Here's an example of how a combat might go:

I see a group of archers at the edge of the screen, so I pause the game and equip my bow and arrow, and place offensive and healing spells in the quick slot. I select 'head' on the critical targeting display, and then unpause the game and attack the enemy I want. After a few volleys, I pause again, and unequip my bow and arrow, and go to sword and shield, and place a potion of strength and healing in my quickslot. When I unpause, I drink a potion and rush in to attack. Pausing when necessary to change tactics or to be sure about my target.

Hopefully, this comes as good news to the folks who were looking for some kind of pause to help slow down the action to their comfort level.

Here's a wacky thought.. If the action needs to be slowed down, why not just make it turn based since the SPECIAL system was designed for turn based in the first place?

Oh, wait, that just might make too much sense.

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