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Lionheart talk with Bryce Baker at DailyGame

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Lionheart talk with Bryce Baker at DailyGame

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 16 April 2003, 18:36:45

Tags: Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader

DailyGame has put up an interview with Bryce Baker, whom I've never heard of, about the fun filled, zany CRPG, Lionheart. Here's a bit on the combat options:

Will combat involve telling your character how to attack in real-time, or will it be more hack-and-slash?

Bryce Baker: Real-time combat should be fairly intuitive in Lionheart. There will be options to either click once on a target to attack it or to click for each swing. Weapon attacks will be handled by the left mouse button, and spells with the right. The large lion's head on the bottom-left of the HUD will flip around to reveal character portraits in conversations and a "targeting dummy" based on DaVinci's classic depiction of the human form during combat. By clicking on an area of the dummy, you can target specific body parts and by using a simple slider that can be called up with a hotkey, you can change the accuracy vs. speed balance at which your character attacks.

You have two options.. Rock and Hard Place.

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