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Live the life of a Roman soldier in A Legionary's Life

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Live the life of a Roman soldier in A Legionary's Life

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 25 September 2019, 23:52:10

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Historical RPGs are a rare occurrence, especially those not set in the Middle Ages. A Legionary's Life is exactly what its title implies - a Roman soldier simulator set during the Second Punic War and beyond. Developed by an Italian gentleman named Alessandro Roberti, the game has been in development since 2017 and was released on Steam Early Access back in April, but it only appeared on our radar last month. A Legionary's Life looks like how'd you expect for a game created by a single individual, but our users have had a lot of fun with it. The game went out of Early Access today, which is a good opportunity to finally post about it. Here's its trailer and description:

A Legionary's Life lets you play as a Roman soldier during the years of the Second Punic War and beyond. Rise up through the ranks and win prestigious awards or just focus on making it home in one piece; it's up to you.

This is a unique single-player game with RPG elements, extensive usage of attribute and skill checks, a turn-based combat system involving many variables (including morale, reach, confined space and high ground) and a touch of roguelike features. Among them, permadeath. If you are unfamiliar with the term, it means you'll have to start over if your character dies; but don't worry: the game is designed to be replayable and you'll see only a fraction of it in each run. Also, you'll be able to spend points on your next legionary based on how well your most successful characters performed.

Try the demo

This game is unlike most RPGs. Your character won't be successful at everything. Challenges should be picked carefully based on your legionary's strengths and weaknesses. In general, the game is not designed to put you in a situation where the odds are against you unless you willingly step into it. At times, you may fail to perform a task and take a mild penalty in Morale and/or Opinions (a measure of your relationships with relevant entities within the game, like your superiors and your fellow soldiers). Don't get discouraged when this happens, it is nothing more than a minor setback you can easily recover from.
Most of all, I strongly recommend that you try the demo before you buy this game. It's here on Steam and it's free, there's no better way to make sure that A Legionary's Life suits your taste. The demo contains the first 3 parts out of 11.

You can grab A Legionary's Life on Steam for a mere $8. The demo is also available for download on the game's official website.

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