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Disco Elysium Developer Session at EGX 2019

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Disco Elysium Developer Session at EGX 2019

Development Info - posted by Infinitron on Sat 19 October 2019, 00:33:54

Tags: Disco Elysium; Helen Hindpere; Robert Kurvitz; ZA/UM

Disco Elysium has been out for three days now and by all appearances has been doing quite well for such a niche title. After many years of work, you might have expected the developers to go on vacation and disappear for a couple of weeks. Maybe they still will, but not before one more visit to the annual EGX conference in London. Today Robert Kurvitz and co-writer Helen Hindpere spoke about the game at a Rezzed Session (which I guess is like a developer session but more hip). In addition to reminiscing about Disco Elysium's development, they also discussed its skill system, the Thought Cabinet, and the game's setting and story. Apparently the Thought Cabinet was an extremely difficult concept to implement and didn't come together until the very end of development. No wonder it took them so long to publish that update about it.

During the post-discussion Q&A session, Robert reveals that he considers Disco Elysium to be just as much or even more inspired by the first Fallout than it is by Planescape: Torment. Also, it turns out the game owes its existence to a team of crackerjack Polish programmers known as the Knights of Unity. Oh Poland, what can't you do.

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