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Der Geisterturm Released

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Der Geisterturm Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Thu 23 January 2020, 23:38:29

Tags: Der Geisterturm; Graverobber Foundation

Der Geisterturm ("The Ghost Tower") is the latest cyberpunk-themed wireframe dungeon crawler from our friend zwanzig_zwoelf. It's the follow-up to September's Das Geisterschiff, which Darth Roxor liked well enough even though he didn't think it was really an RPG. This time the game is out on Steam from day one. Here's the launch trailer and description:

Der Geisterturm is a futuristic dungeon crawler with survival horror elements set inside a mysterious tower known as Turm der Wiederkehr. It is a spin-off to Das Geisterschiff.

By 2074 the Earth turned into a scorched wasteland, forcing the population to leave the planet or move underground while two megacorps are stuck in an endless war over the territory and resources. After graduating from the military academy you've decided to join Eberbach Corp as a Robotic Combat Suit pilot...

...but something went wrong. You wake inside a large Robotic Combat Suit with no recollection of your past, and a mysterious man commands you to climb to the top floor.

Will you reach it alive or die trying?

  • Fight your way through 15 floors filled with dangerous encounters, traps, and puzzles;
  • Tactical turn-based combat within dungeons that will test your resource management skills;
  • Original progression system: search for upgrades to improve your armor, abilities, and weapons while the pilot gets better through killing or avoiding enemies;
  • Unique wireframe-like graphics style supported by the atmospheric electronic soundtrack.
You can grab Der Geisterturm on Steam for $15, with a 10% launch discount until next week. zwanzig's next game will be a more full-fledged sequel called Der Geisterfänger.

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