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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Update #2: Warpriest & Woljif Jefto Stretch Goals

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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter Update #2: Warpriest & Woljif Jefto Stretch Goals

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 5 February 2020, 23:43:41

Tags: Owlcat Games; Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

The Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter campaign blasted past its base funding goal this morning, just over twelve hours after it launched. Owlcat wasted no time before revealing their first stretch goal at $370,000. The Warpriest class is a fitting addition for this particular adventure.

A priest is a well-known character concept, but it varies from game to game. In many of them, a priest is a dedicated healer that wears robes and abhors violence (or, at least, weapons, preferring magic to do the damage). Not in Pathfinder though – clerics in Pathfinder wear armor and are perfectly capable of fighting on the front lines. But this capability is far from a specialization. And if you want to play an armor-clad cleric that slaughters foes for the glory of god – there is a class just for you. Welcome the warpriest.

Warpriests are unflinching bastions of their faith, shouting dogma while they beat foes into submission, and they never shy away from a challenge to their beliefs. While clerics rely more on their spells and inquisitors may use guile, knowledge, or diplomacy to accomplish their aims, warpriests’ main focus is violence. In many faiths, warpriests form the core of their church’s martial forces – reclaiming lost relics, rescuing captured clergy, and defending the church’s tenets from all challenges.

As one of the so-called “hybrid” classes, the warpriest has both unique abilities and a mix of abilities from the cleric, fighter, paladin, and even a bit of monk. From the cleric class, he gains his spells – with a spell progression going up to 6th level (he can cast a swift action when targeting himself), blessings (more combat and less utility-oriented version of domains), and an ability to channel energy. From the fighter, he gains bonus combat feats, and proficiency in all martial weapons and heavy armor. From the paladin, an ability to enchant his weapons and armor, and an ability to heal himself similar to the paladin’s Lay on Hands – without the pesky restriction on Lawful Good alignment. And from the monk he gains a weapon damage progression – making even the less brutal but favored weapons of deities mighty in the warpriest’s hands. Among those, a ton of abilities using swift actions guarantees that neither healing nor buffing will distract a warpriest from the slaying of his foes.

In the middle of combat, a warpriest can empower himself with Divine Favor, heal his wounds, and light his weapon with holy fire – all without staying his weapon-wielding hand even for a second, for it shall not rest until all the foes of his deity are slain. Indeed, the word most befitting a warpriest on the battlefield is “unstoppable,” as his arsenal of abilities gives him a plethora of ways to render enemies’ attacks and defenses utterly useless.

Warpriests can vary significantly based on which deity they serve – from greatsword-wielding bloodthirsty priests of Gorum, to archer priests of Erastil, and sword-and-board priests of Iomedae. Yet some go even further down their path. A feral champion transforms into animals to tear his enemies to pieces. A shieldbearer enhances shields instead of weapons. A champion of the faith hunts those opposed to the alignment of his god. A disenchanter specializes in fighting against casters of magic. And a cult leader fights using trickery and sneak attacks.

Here, at the Worldwound, the site of the greatest cataclysm since Starfall, is the perfect stage to prove your conviction in deadly combat. Before the eyes of the gods, you will show how great and terrifying your fervor can be.

Choose your god well, take up your weapon, and fight for your faith as the warpriest. For the triumph of the crusade!
The money kept on rolling in throughout the day and by the evening the Warpriest had been unlocked. The next stretch goal at $475,000 is for a new companion - a tiefling thief ("Thiefling") named Woljif Jefto.

The wastelands of the Worldwound are full of traps and hidden treasures, waiting for the right person with a steady hand and a passion for looting. And you just so happen to have such a person in your party. Meet Woljif Jefto, an easygoing, over-talkative tiefling and eldritch scoundrel trying to find his place between two worlds.

Woljif was unlucky enough to be born in Mendev, the land ravaged by demons, where tieflings are still the subject of scorn and distrust. The birth of a boy with horns, a tail, and golden eyes was his family’s undoing. The secret that his seemingly human mother had tried to hide was now out: the blood of the abyssal creature had revealed itself. Woljif’s father left, never to return, and his mother took the boy to Kenabres, to the woman responsible for all the family’s misfortunes. Thus began Woljif’s life in Kenabres. His grandmother felt no remorse for her connection with demons. She saw her grandson only as a tool for stealing food and money, and she beat him mercilessly when he failed. From a young age, Woljif learned that the word “family” meant nothing if you were an unwanted child, and the word “friends” meant even less if you were a tiefling with clearly demonic features. Woljif has never learned anything about his demonic forebears, but he has always known that his heritage is waiting for him: something of both worlds that is truly his and his alone.

Day by day, trying to survive in the back alleys of Kenabres, Woljif learned stealth and magic tricks. Dreaming of wealth and indulging his greed, he made attempts to join local gangs, but those associations never lasted long. Woljif hates the feeling of belonging and fears ties of any sort, so every gang he has ever been in has ceased to exist one way or another, turned over by some “unknown informer.” Except for the Family, the Mendevian crime network better known in Kenabres as the “Thieflings.”

Woljif still works for the Thieflings, but now he does so for the benefit of both Family and Commander. He is a party vendor, always ready to buy your loot and sell you goods carefully selected by the Thieflings (from the homes of Mendevian citizens). Woljif isn’t a huge fan of fighting monsters, but, as an eldritch scoundrel, he sure has a knack for it. Used to relying only on himself, he knows some outstanding buff and debuff spells, as well as flashy magical attacks. Despite his demon-may-care spirit, he is an avid pupil and picks up spells as easily as any wizard. Woljif likes the rogues’ way, and is always ready to spice things up with some nasty magic, which makes him less sneaky but far more versatile than a common rogue. Outside of battle, Woljif is a loud-mouthed braggart, and seldom does it do him any good. He is always ready (apropos of nothing) to tell a tale or two about some guy he once knew and suggest some bizarre con scheme. If you help him find his place in the world, you may get more than just a magical thief and friendly vendor: Woljif Jefto has his own dark, unexplored side, just like the moon that shines down upon both the Abyss and Golarion.
At the rate things are going, this stretch goal will probably be in by next morning too. If you take a look at the campaign page, you might be able to guess what the next one is going to be.

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