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Gamedec now on Kickstarter

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Gamedec now on Kickstarter

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Wed 25 March 2020, 17:03:00

Tags: Anshar Studios; Gamedec

The Kickstarter campaign for Gamedec, the cyberpunk virtual world detective RPG from Anshar Studios based on the novels of Polish author Marcin PrzybyƂek, has gone live. Anshar have put together a rather straightforward pitch with a brief but thorough pitch video. There isn't any new information here that we didn't know already, but the video does offer a glimpse of Gamedec's third virtual world, which is clearly some sort of medieval fantasy roleplaying game.

The Kickstarter tiers are pretty nice. Right now you can get the game for just $20. All the tiers come with beta access, and there don't appear to be any exclusive in-game rewards at the higher ones. Anshar are looking to raise $50,000 towards Gamedec's development, which is entirely doable for a title with these sorts of production values, even if the campaign has flown completely under the radar. The game's estimated delivery date is December 2020, with the beta due out sometime in Q2 2020.

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