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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #38: Delayed to August 28th

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Wasteland 3 Fig Update #38: Delayed to August 28th

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 31 March 2020, 19:01:23

Tags: Brian Fargo; inXile Entertainment; Wasteland 3

Brian Fargo announced today that the already late Wasteland 3 has been delayed further to August 28th due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Greetings all,

As with most companies, we moved to a work-from-home environment some weeks ago, and that’s of course introduced new challenges that many of us throughout the world have been learning to manage. We’ve been excited to see the Wasteland 3 Beta so well received, but the reality is that with these new logistical challenges our release was going to be impacted.

We’re in a great position with both Microsoft and Deep Silver supporting our desire to ensure the game launches in the best possible circumstances, and to add a few extra months to ensure this is a stellar product on day one. With that, Wasteland 3’s new release date is August 28, 2020.

That’s time we’re putting into acting on Beta feedback and suggestions, optimization, polishing and refinements, and making sure we have an awesome co-op experience. We’re pouring our hearts into this game, and the last thing we want is to have anything but an amazing launch for a product we truly believe in.

We appreciate everyone’s excitement and continued support as we put a few more months into ensuring that on launch day Wasteland 3 is the experience you’ve been waiting for.

Thank you and stay safe,

Brian Fargo
Studio Head, inXile entertainment​

What a shame. I do wonder if this was going to happen anyway. The backer beta coming out two months before release was kind of weird.

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