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The Outer Worlds Documentary by Noclip - Part One: From Concept to Creation

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The Outer Worlds Documentary by Noclip - Part One: From Concept to Creation

Development Info - posted by Infinitron on Fri 10 April 2020, 02:05:36

Tags: Brian Heins; Daniel Alpert; Leonard Boyarsky; Obsidian Entertainment; The Outer Worlds; Tim Cain

We're told that The Outer Worlds was a commercial success and back in December Obsidian announced that story DLC would be forthcoming in 2020. It's been four months since then and there's been zero news about that, though they continue to reassure us that something is on the way. Now the game is getting the documentary treatment from Noclip, the crowdfunded video game documentary production company founded by Irish gaming journalist Danny O'Dwyer. Perhaps that's a sign that it's coming out of hibernation. The first episode out of a planned five is entitled From Concept to Creation. It begins as you'd expect with an introduction to the careers of Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky. The episode has some details about the game's conception but it's really mostly about the creation, offering a broad look at various issues Obsidian faced during development. There's also plenty of concept art and gameplay footage from early builds.

We know that The Outer Worlds had to be cut multiple times over the course of its development, and there's a great deal of focus on this in the second half of the episode. It turns out that Terra 2 was originally intended to be an open world like Monarch, and Brian Heins created an entire planet that had to be cut. The asteroid Scylla actually became a dumping ground for sidequests that were in areas that got cut. Leonard is particularly regretful about the last round of cuts, which he says hurt the depth and reactivity of the game's companions. Tim, on the other hand, seems perfectly happy with how the final release turned out.

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