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Knights of the Chalice 2 Kickstarter campaign concludes, Augury of Chaos module released to backers

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Knights of the Chalice 2 Kickstarter campaign concludes, Augury of Chaos module released to backers

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Fri 3 July 2020, 23:10:22

Tags: Heroic Fantasy Games; Knights of the Chalice 2

Pierre Begue's Kickstarter campaign for Knights of the Chalice 2 successfully concluded yesterday, after 37 days of crunchy updates, combat videos and puzzle challenges. It managed to raise £38,034 from 838 backers, plus an additional $1,674 from our Codex fundraiser. Pierre wasted no time and sent out his backer surveys that same evening, allowing him to release the Augury of Chaos module to backers today. Kind of unexpected from a guy who literally took years to launch his Kickstarter in the first place. Here's the final update:

Hello everyone!!

What an incredible campaign for Knights of the Chalice 2!! ^^

Following a strong finish, the campaign raised 253% of its base goal. Thank you so much everyone for taking part in the campaign and for all your valiant and steadfast efforts in spreading the word to the four corners of the earth until the very last minute!!

Including pledges through Paypal and the RPG Codex fundraiser, we've raised a total of GBP 40,290, equivalent to USD 50,222.

Naturally, this allows us to reach the campaign's Fifth Stretch Goal! This means that the game will have a new Icon-Based Combat Actions Menu. In addition, the Sentient Sword Companion Kutrang will be added to the upcoming KotC 2 Adventure Modules!!

Puzzle Challenge: We Have A Winner!!

Guy Iluz, aka rpgguy, is the Grand Winner of the Kickstarter Puzzle Challenge!! He solved the last puzzle in record time and all of his answers were correct. So far, he's the only one to have found the complete solution! Congratulations Guy!! Thank you so much for the awesome support!!

Feel free to try solving the puzzles and send me the solution at

The first two persons who send me the correct solution will be added to the Credits Screen of KotC 2 as Puzzle Challenge Winners. In any case, I will publish all of the solutions on the Facebook page in a week or so.

Direct Downloads of Knights of the Chalice 2!!

Yes!! I know you're waiting patiently for this one thing!! The KotC 2 Direct Download!!

Never fear! I will send out emails containing download details very soon! I just have to collect the emails from the Kickstarter, check payments, and do a small coding tweak on my website so that both the Windows and Mac OS versions will be made available to you.

A bit earlier, I sent out the Backer Survey to all of the KotC 2 backers. Please complete the survey if you haven't already done so, so that I will be able to send the download details to your email address.

Once you've started playing, please feel free to post bug reports and suggestions in this forum. If you're interested in using the editor to create new adventures, you can talk about this in this forum. Of course, you're also welcome to join the Discord server using the Discord Invite Link and discuss there.

That's it for today's update! Please be patient a bit longer, while I take care of the remaining things that I need to do before I can send out your download details!

Thank You Again, Intrepid Knights of the Kingdom!! ^^
The catch is that Augury of Chaos is only available as a direct download from the Heroic Fantasy Games website for now. According to Pierre, it will take a few months to become available on Steam as well. Right now it doesn't seem to be available for sale on the website either, so I guess it's a backer-exclusive. Note that if you're a backer and you didn't get an email from Pierre, you might still be able to access your game by asking to recover your password.

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