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Othercide Released

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Othercide Released

Game News - posted by Infinitron on Tue 28 July 2020, 01:30:23

Tags: Focus Entertainment; Lightbulb Crew; Othercide

Othercide, the surreal horror-themed tactical RPG from French studio Lightbulb Crew, is out tonight thanks to an unusual midnight release schedule. Over the past month, Focus Home Interactive have released a whole bunch of trailers, dev diaries and community videos to promote the game. The best one is the gameplay overview trailer from two weeks ago, which offers a solid introduction to the game's unique combat and character development features, including its focus on manipulating the turn queue to set up powerful combos.

Othercide's review scores vary but are generally on the positive side, including an eye-popping 9/10 from IGN who describe it as the best turn-based tactics game of the year so far. Here's a list of all the launch day reviews I was able to find:

Othercide is available on Steam now for $35. It seems pretty cool and likely to be overlooked. I'd say give it a try if you're a fan of tactical RPGs with unique takes on combat, or if you're just too impatient to wait for August's bigger releases.

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